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Conferences and seminars

16 - 18 march 2011. Ukraine. Kyiv. Agroecological forum 2011

16 - 18 march 2011 in the frame of Eleventh National Specialized Exhibition - Fair "Agrarian Ukraine" in National complex "Expocentre of Ukraine" (Academician Glushkov Prospect - 1) will The First International Scientific and Practical Forum on Agroecology, biomass and organic agricultural production - AGROECOLOGICAL FORUM 2011

AGROECOLOGICAL FORUM devoted to innovative solutions in sustainable development of agro-ecosystems, creating a friendly against the rights of natural and industrial environment, living space, which ensures the continuation of the duration and quality of life of the population.

AGROECOLOGICAL FORUM launches international partnership to rebuild and create recreational opportunities for the environment.

Organizers of AGROECOLOGICAL FORUM - Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics of NAAS, Ukrainian public organization "Association of Agroecoligists of Ukraine”, Zhytomyr State Agroecological University.

SUPPORT: Office of Adviser to the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine, Swiss-Ukrainian project on development of organic certification.

AGROECOLOGICAL FORUM invites representatives of research institutions, agricultural sector, energy, power engineering, investment companies, public authorities, manufacturers of biological products, seeking to reach a new level of international and interstate cooperation and are interested in introducing modern approaches to create a "communal energy for cities, towns and villages of Ukraine in the use of innovative products for the production of alternative "green energy" in the field of bioconversion and thermoconversion of biofuels, scientific methods of eco-tourism, environmental culture for future generations.

Forum Moderator - Myhaylo Kapshtyk, executive director of the Ukrainian public organization "Association of Agroecoligists of Ukraine", candidate of agricultural sciences, senior scientific worker of The Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics of NAAS.

The program of AGROECOLOGICAL FORUM 2011

I - workshops on:

1. Organic production and eco-tourism

March 16 (pavilion № 5, second floor)

10.30. - 10.50 - "Soil quality as a factor in obtaining of safety food”.

Alexander Tarariko, NAAS Academy, The Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics of NAAS of Ukraine.

10.50.-11.10. Experience in development of organic production in the Netherlands.

Meyvus Brouwer, Counsellor Embassy of Netherlands in Ukraine.

10.11 .- 11.30. The eco-friendly products in plant.

Yaroslav Chabanyuk , hp. / H. Sc., senior scientific worker of The Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics of NAAS.

11.30. - 11.45. - Coffee - break.

11.45 - 12.05 - Biology and economic efficiency of the "Ekostym" drugs "EM" in organic farming, Michael Vasylenko, candidate of agricultural sciences, Senior Researcher of The Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics of NAAS.

12.05. - 12.30. The "green tourism. Data Bank Rural Tourism in Ukraine”, Yurij I. Kuzmenko, a senior scientific worker of the Institute for Security NPP of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

 13.30. - 13.50. Certification of organic production: the experience of Switzerland and Ukraine.
Ayzenrinh Tobias, manager of Swiss-Ukrainian project "Certification in Organic Agriculture and Market Development in Ukraine", Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland)
Oksana Hladchenko, quality manager Ltd Organic Standard.

13.50 - 14.10. Organization of rural households to provide services to rural tourism. Vladimir Vasiliev, President of the Ukrainian Society of Green Tourism, an expert adviser.

14.10. - 14.30. Management of market-oriented technologies of organic production.
Myhaylo Kapshtyk, executive director of the Ukrainian public organization "Association of Agroecoligists of Ukraine", candidate of agricultural sciences, senior scientific worker of The Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics of NAAS.
Achieving BIOLan Association, corporations Svarog "in the field of organic production in Ukraine.
Vladimir Ivanyuk .

14.30 - 14.50. Development of green tourism in the national parks and reserves.
Vasyl Tolkachov, Project Coordinator UNDP / GEF Strengthening governance and financial sustainability of national protected area system in Ukraine

14.50 - 15.30. - Questions and Answers.

2. Bioenergy: Environmental Aspects

March 17 (pavilion  № 2. Conference room).

10.30. - 11.00. Microalgae biomass as objects.

Petro Tsarenko, Ph.D., professor, Head of Department of phikolohiyi of the Institute of Botany. MG Botany NAS of Ukraine.

11.00. - 11.25. - Coffee - break.

11.25. - 11.45. Formation of a closed life cycle of bioenergy production agroecosystems and organic products.

Yuriy Tarariko , d.s agricultural sciences, corresponding member of NAAS, the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation of NAAS.

11.45. - 12.05. - Introduction of modern technology transformation of biomass into bioenergy and biological fertilizers. Production of alternative biofuels based on plant material. - Experience.
Mihaylo Humentyk, deputy director of scientific research and production association "Ekoteh”, candidate of agricultural sciences.

12.05 - 12.30. Innovative technologies of growing and processing of bioenergy crops in accordance with the quality of grains and markets. European and Ukrainian experience.
Stanislav Klischenko, candidate of agricultural sciences, Manager of the Ukrainian-Russian project on bioenergy and agriculture.

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

13.30. - 14.15. It is formed

14.15 - 15.10. It is formed

15.10 - 15.30. - Questions and Answers.

3. International technical support program and funding innovative projects in the field of agroecology
March 18
(pavilion № 5, second floor).

10.30 .- 10.50. Problems of marketing of organic products in Ukraine.

Svetlana Gorban, Nina Antoschenko, PR - manager of “BIOLan” in Ukraine.

10.50 - 11.30. It is formed

11.30. - 11.45. - Coffee - break.

11.45. - 12.30. The Programs of support and funding of innovative projects.

Declan Gordon Carroll, a key expert of the EU project "Support to knowledge-intensive and innovative enterprises and technology transfer in business in Ukraine.
12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

13.30. - 14.00. Experience of funding innovative projects for the production of organic products.

Company "Maharishi". Ethnoproduct, Agroecology, Svarog.

14.00 - 14.45. Problems of biofuel market development in Ukraine and the EU: environmental aspects and attract investment.

Alexander Bakovskyi , head of the expert group office jointly support Ukraine"s integration into the European Research Area.

14.45 - 15.15. - Development of research in the field of agroecology, organic farming and renewable energy: cooperation of EU integration of Ukraine into the European Research Area.

Nikolai Kobets , Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics of NAAS., Information and Advisory Center Blue Ribbon, the program UNDP

15.15 - 15.40. - Questions and Answers.

Contact information:

Volodymyr Ilchuk, E-mail:; phone (044) 522-62-71

Myhaylo Kapshtyk, E-mail:

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