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Moldova. Best Practices Contest

Eligible countries: Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine
Deadline for application: 1 July 2005.

Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) announces a public contest for the identification, codification and presentation of the best practices generated by various actors of the civil society, business community and public authorities in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. NGOs, resource centers and think tanks from the region are particularly encouraged to participate in this competition.
The contest is announced within the framework of Sub Regional Unit of Information and Learning Network of Western Newly Independent States, (ILN WNIS), a UNDP initiative serving Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.
Applicants will be requested to present in a systematical way the best practices identified in one of the following target fields in their country:

Democratic Governance Practice
• Capacity development related to governance and decentralization, especially fiscal decentralization,
• Human rights and Justice
• Local governance and urban/rural development
• Public administration reform
• Civil service and accountability
• Transparency
Environment & Energy Practices
• Environmental policies
• Water pollution and water management
• Biodiversity and sustainable land management
• Improved access to sustainable energy
Poverty & Economic Dev. Practice
• Poverty reduction
• Millennium Development Goals & Human Development
• Civil Society
• Pro-Poor Macro Policies
• Privatization, Trade, Exports, FDI
• Micro- and SMEs Development
Cross-cutting Issues
• Early Warning and Crisis Prevention & Recovery
• E-Governance
• Responding to HIV/AIDS
• Children Protection, Strategies
• IT development
• Education, Curricula development

To find out more on the concept of best practices, their rationale and criteria, as well as examples, please visit our web-site The best practice shall be described according to the BEST PRACTICE FORM in English or Russian, in Word format, which can also be downloaded from
All applications shall be sent directly to the ILN Sub-regional Unit of the Western NIS to the e-mail address: Should you have any further questions or need more information on the idea of best practices, please contact us at: +373.221.09.32 or e-mail address:

Deadline for the presentation of applications: 1 July, 2005.
All the practices will be posted on the ILN NWIS web-site and 6 winners (2 from each country) will be awarded  $250 each.

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Jun 07, 2005

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