Инновация - это исторически бесповоротное изменение способа производства вещей.
Й. Шумпетер

М.И. Туган-Барановский

Й.А. Шумпетер

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Обращаем внимание на инновацию, созданную на данном сайте. Внизу главной страницы расположены графики,  которые в on line демонстрируют изменения цен на мировых рынках золота  и нефти, а также экономический календарь публикации в Интернете важных мировых экономических индексов 

Конференции и семинары

The ENTER 2013, which takes place between the 23nd and 25th of January, 2013 in Innsbruck Information Technology and Travel & Tourism

The ENTER 2013, which takes place between the 23nd and 25th of January, 2013 in Innsbruck, Austria is proud to welcome a great number of tourism academics and practitioners from all over the world who will come together to discuss the opportunities and challenges of information and communication technologies for the next 20 years.

With attendees from North America to Eastern Europe and Asia, ENTER 2013 offers a worldwide and unique forum to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research and industrial case studies on the application of information and communication technologies to travel and tourism. The conference is organised by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT), which uses the conference to follow their vision to create THE global eTourism knowledge network and community.

The international scope of ENTER 2013 already begins with its organising committee that consists of a highly international team comprising IFITT president Dimitrios Buhalis, a Greek professor at Bournemouth University in England, ENTER 2013 chair Tinkara Pavlovčič Kapitanovič from Slovenia and industry chair Nicholas Hall from SE1 Media in Belgium. Further the destination chair Luis Costa from Tourism Portugal, the Austrian Day chairs Christian Maurer, Mario Jooss and Roman Egger, all from well-known universities in Austria, and the research chairs Lorenzo Cantoni from Switzerland and Zheng Xiang from the USA contribute to the highly diverse and international committee, which provided a fruitful starting point that has helped to compile a great combination of speakers from around the globe.

Keynote speakers at ENTER 2013 will, among others, be Marco Fanton (Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts) from Spain, Mohsen Hamoudia (Head of Strategy Large Projects at Orange Business Services and President of the International Institute of Forecaster) from France and Günter Exel (Marketing and Social Media Consultant) from Austria.  

Further presentations will be held by Julien Cormier (Tourisme Québec) from Canada, Luis Costa (Tourism Portugal), Ciaran Doherty (Tourism Ireland) and Heidi Sørvig (Managing Director DMO Visit Sørlandet) from Norway. The great variety of speakers from many different nations will certainly increase the great range of different aspects related to information and communication technologies in travel and tourism.

However, ENTER 2013 is not only a grandiose opportunity to listen to speakers from all over the world, visitors of the conference can also benefit from socializing and networking with other conference delegates, which are also expected to be highly international. The registration for ENTER 2013 is open to everyone who is interested in taking part in an exciting week full of interesting speeches about the latest trends in information and communication technology in travel and tourism and discounts are offered to members of IFITT and its partners as well as for students and academics.

IFITT is looking forward to a multinational conference and believes that this will contribute to the global knowledge about information and communication technologies, which, if adapted to local realities, can improve technology solutions.

ENTER 2013 will take place in the Congress Convention Centre in Innsbruck, Austria

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