Инновация - это исторически бесповоротное изменение способа производства вещей.
Й. Шумпетер

М.И. Туган-Барановский

Й.А. Шумпетер

Н.Д. Кондратьев

Галерея выдающихся ученых


Обращаем внимание на инновацию, созданную на данном сайте. Внизу главной страницы расположены графики,  которые в on line демонстрируют изменения цен на мировых рынках золота  и нефти, а также экономический календарь публикации в Интернете важных мировых экономических индексов 

Конференции и семинары

FitchTraining. Upcoming Banks Courses in London

Our interactive and challenging workshops deliver analytic skills that last long after the course is over. We set ourselves apart by teaching through relevant current examples and practical exercises, using recent market information.
Basel II & III: Bank Capital Adequacy
19 - 20 March - £1,995 + VAT

This two-day workshop for financial market professionals explores the capital raising, funding, investment and risk management needs of banks in the context of changing markets, Basel III and other regulations. Read More

Advanced Bank Analysis
21 - 22 March - £1,995 + VAT

Designed for experienced analysts, regulators, risk and fixed income professionals, this two-day advanced course drills down into the financial statements of banks and securities companies to identify and quantify the risks of more complex business lines. Read More

Analytic Approach to Business Development for Banks
10 - 12 April - £2,695 + VAT

Designed for origination professionals, this three-day case study and transaction based workshop focuses on the capital raising, funding, investment and risk management needs of banks in the context of changing markets, Basel III and other regulations. Read More

Early Warning Signals in Banks
18 - 19 April - £1,995 + VAT

This two-day masterclass for experienced analysts provides a deeper insight into the causes and early warning signals of credit deterioration and failure in banks. The workshop uses both local and international cases of distress to identify common themes and financial, non-financial and market indicators. Read More

Emerging Market Bank Analysis
22 - 24 April - £2,695 + VAT

This three-day workshop provides a structured approach to the credit analysis of emerging market banks, addressing sovereign systemic and macro prudential risk, key performance indicators, early warning signals, stress tests and the impact of changing Basel II and Basel III regulations. Read More

Covered Bonds: Credit & Market Risk Workshop
25 - 26 April - £1,995 + VAT

This two-day course will teach participants how to identify the critical factors in evaluating covered bonds and how they differ from RMBS and other bank issued instruments, as well as improve their market knowledge. Read More

Fundamentals of Bank Financial Statement Analysis
13 - 14 May - £1,495 + VAT

Designed for analysts with limited accounting background and / or new to the analysis of financial institutions, this two-day workshop provides comprehensive coverage of the basics of financial statement analysis for banks using the CAMELS framework. Read More

Intensive Bank Analysis
15 - 17 May - £2,695 + VAT
Our three-day workshop for credit risk, fixed income, origination and regulatory professionals offers an in-depth, analytic approach to the credit analysis of both local and international commercial banks. Read More

Should you have any questions regarding the above workshops, or be interested in having a similar workshop tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, please contact me on +44 20 3530 2330 or visit our website: http://app.email.fitchratings.com/e/er?cm_mmc=Eloqua-_-Email-_-LM_FT-A1880_E1833_Lon_FI_EMEA-_-0000&s=2404&lid=3952&elq=1e01421c16ab4b77927d133b6e13ef7a

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