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18 and 19 April 2007, Munich, Germany. European Patent Forum - European Patent Office

The European Patent Forum will be one of the first attempts to examine intellectual property as a whole, taking into account political, social, ethical, technological, environmental and historical factors.
The first day provides a platform for debate on the European Patent Office's scenarios for the future, with break-out sessions to explore individual aspects in greater depth. Using the four scenarios as a basis for discussion, participants will address possible solutions to the problems of the future.
On the second day, the Forum will discuss scenarios developed by other key players to broaden the conference's perspective and encourage discussion among practitioners, policy-makers and the public.
The event, which promises to be a veritable "who's who" in the world of IP, is part of the celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of the European Patent Office.
See: Scenarios for the future http://www.european-inventor.org/index.php?mid=24
In the course of a two-year project, the EPO interviewed around 150 key players - including critics - from the fields of science, business, politics, ethics, economics and law, seeking their opinions on how intellectual property and patenting might evolve over the next fifteen to twenty years.
Four scenarios - relevant and plausible stories about the future - were developed in a series of workshops from their answers. These scenarios, which were created with the help of more than 40 EPO staff
members, are intended as tools to generate policy debates and will be presented to the public for the first time at the European Patent Forum.
Each scenario examines the future from a different perspective:
Business: How can IP be managed in a globalised world?
The patent system's monopolistic structure may sometimes appear contrary to the interests of society, science and politics. How can we ensure a fair balance for all parties?
Society: How might different cultural and ethical norms play out?
Many perceive the IP system as catering to the needs of big companies and multinationals, while ignoring social and ethical problems. How can barriers be overcome to achieve a fair and truly global system?
Geopolitics: How might the geopolitical balance of power change?
In developing countries the IP system is often seen as an instrument of cultural and ethical colonisation. As new and powerful players emerge, how will the rules of the game have to change?
Technology: What impact will changes in the nature or pace of technology have? New technologies in fields like computing, nanotechnology and biotechnology are changing the way we live at an incredible pace. How can the patent system keep up with changing technologies and the increasing pace of innovation?

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