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Обращаем внимание на инновацию, созданную на данном сайте. Внизу главной страницы расположены графики,  которые в on line демонстрируют изменения цен на мировых рынках золота  и нефти, а также экономический календарь публикации в Интернете важных мировых экономических индексов 

Конференції та семінари

May 11-12, 2011 Innovation Forum Innovation Spring in Lviv


Innovation Spring in Lviv



Innovation Forum

May 11-12, 2011



May 11, 2011

9.30-10.30             Grand Opening


11.00-16.00         Scientific Workshops


Workshop #1.

·        Regional innovation development policy and innovation systems;

·        University Centres for Technology Transfer and Business Development;

·        Educational programs to promote Academic Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.


Workshop #2.

·        Coordination of research activity between EU and Ukraine in nanoengineering and nanotechnology;

·        Opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Centres of Excellence for participation in FP7 / Enhancing SMEs participation in EU 7th Framework Programme on research and technology development


18.00-20.00         Friendly Dinner


May 12, 2011


9.30-13.00  Presentations of the Centres of Excellence

·        Nanostructured materials for biotechnology and medicine;

·        New performance materials and solutions for electronics;

·        Composite materials as substitutes of synthetic polymers and metals;

·        Nanomaterials for energy industry and new technologies for effective use of energy resources;

·        Phytosanitary, soil cleaning and food safety.


14.00-17.00         Networking and forming consortia aimed at the development of joint projects for FP7


17.00-18.00         Closing of the Forum


The Innovation Forum and participation of SMEs from the EU is supported by the Joint Support Office for enhancing Ukraine's integration into European Research Area www.jso-era.org.ua/



Lviv is the leading educational center in Ukraine and one of the largest ones in CEE

•         38 higher education institutions;

•         130 000 students/735 000 population;

•         30 000 highly educated graduates each year;

•         with 45% specializing in IT, Engineering, Applied Sciences;

•         Lviv “exports” its intellectual capital to the EU and North-American markets.


•         In 2008 KPMG recognized Lviv as one of the best IT-BPO1 destinations along with 30 other cities in the world and among 11 cities in the EMEA region Source: Exploring Global Frontiers, KPMG, February 2009 1 IT -BPO - Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing; EMEA – Europe, Middle East, and Africa

•         The historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

•         In 2009, Lviv was recognized as the cultural capital of Ukraine and the most comfortable Ukrainian city to live in.



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