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Partner search to the CONCERTO II Initiative (FP6: Sustainable Energy Systems)

ESSI Energy Self-Sufficiency Initiative

We are looking for a Concerto consortium to join in and wish to contribute to the project by bringing in our proposed case for a local Concerto Community located in Western Finland.


The objective of our national case is to develop and implement integrated energy solutions for achieving regional energy self-sufficiency based on renewable energy sources and distributed smaller scale strategy. Concerto projects will deploy different technical solutions integrated into a whole infrastructure of the target areas in the participating regions.  Each area will consist of a suburb or a part of it, forming a well definable entity, including small industries in some cases.  The concept will be realised as regional solutions of which the Finnish national case (called ESSI – Energy Self-Sufficiency Initiative) aims to achieve as high energy self-sufficiency degree as possible.  Through the Concerto project the results of ESSI will be generalised and provide with a significant added value over the EU.  There is also a potential for a strong strategic and practical as well as theoretical value for the whole EU in promoting energy self sufficiency and energy security.


Our view of the benefits of a Concerto project

Concerto projects will be based on a number of national cases, each having approaches, strategies, as well as technical solutions of their own.  The national cases will be integrated into an overall concept of establishing new energy solutions.  Therefore, Concerto projects of this type as a whole will create a comprehensive view over European potentially successful solutions of management, planning and implementation of small scale distributed energy systems based on renewable energy sources.

In our view, the main emphasis of a Concerto project will be threefold:

·         All national cases will be integrated into a comprehensive view over distributed energy production as a whole

·         Each national case will form a whole energy management solution for the target area and a piece of a potentially independent infrastructure

·         All separate technologies will be integrated into and find their meaning­fulness from the structure

A number of different technologies will be applied in the national cases. 

Proposal for a Finnish national Concerto Community

The Finnish national case ESSI will be constructed along with the establishment of the Finnish Housing Exhibition of the year 2008, which will take place in the city of Vaasa located in Western Finland.  The Housing Exhibition is an annual event that presents the most up-to-date trends in housing and interior decorating.  It also to a larger extent presents new infrastructures, as gardening and landscape planning.  This time the main concept will be energy management.

The Vaasa Exhibition will consist partly of a newly planned region and a smaller re-planned part of an older suburb.  Other important features are the following: (1) ca. 30 individual modern houses designed by well-known Finnish architects; (2) wooden and stone houses, terraced houses and apartments; (3) over 40 fashionably furnished homes.  The exhibition area will provide housing for appr. 600 – 800 inhabitants. The region is situated on the coast near the shore line with beautiful scenery and lots of parks in the surroundings.


The energy solution for the whole Housing Exhibition region will be based on producing energy by renewable sources.  The establishment in line with Fair organisation will have several advantages:

·         Energy management can be planned from the very beginning without any existing structures

·         The existing energy network is very near and can be used in the roles of reserve, risk elimination and security

·         The constructors and planners can be committed and orientated to the new solutions in advance

·         The establishment will be on a solid basis with municipal planning and infrastructures, guaranteed economy (both public and private) and organisation (the Exhibition on top of the municipal)

The aspects and technologies can be classified as follows:

·         Security and quality assurance; including availability of energy, risk control and security, energy quality control and assurance, environmental impacts and payback, LCA, EIA etc.

·         Management systems; including IT networks and remote control of the region

·         Energy saving and passive heating systems

·         General Renewable Energy Sources (RES) technologies

·         Storing options for energy


Our local consortium includes public authorities, university, educational & research institutions, technology centre, local companies and other development organisations.


For more information please contact:


Pekka Peura

Training Manager

University of Vaasa / Levon Institute

E-mail: Pekka.peura@uwasa.fi

Tel: +358 6 324 8451


Marita Niemelä

Head of Research and Innovation Services

University of Vaasa

E-mail: Marita.niemela@uwasa.fi

Tel: + 358 6 324 8136



As time is running rather short and the deadline for Concerto II is only two months away, we would prefer to participate in an existing Concerto consortium as partners.

Опубліковано на сайті: 2005-10-26

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