Innovation - is a historically irrevocable change in the method of production of things.
J. Schumpeter

M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky

J.A. Schumpeter

N.D. Kondratiev

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Обращаем внимание на инновацию, созданную на данном сайте. Внизу главной страницы расположены графики,  которые в on line демонстрируют изменения цен на мировых рынках золота  и нефти, а также экономический календарь публикации в Интернете важных мировых экономических индексов 

About us

The Institute of Evolutionary Economics (IEE) is an independent public organization. It consolidates Ukrainian scientists, innovation explorers, and economic researchers that work in the spheres of: National innovation systems; Evolutionary Economics; Macroeconomics; Institutionalism and institutional structure of society; Social and economic technologies; Extremology; System crises prognoses; Antirecessionary policy.

The Institute of Evolutionary Economics (IEE) economic scientists are concerned with innovations. They evaluate innovations as a systematic development. This phenomenon is rather complex. But for new technologies and products it includes systematic attractors. More of that: it involves both innovational and conventional production. It deals with material, financial, labor, political, informational and other resources. Finally, it designs research frames for technological and resource funds.

Innovations meet with strong resistance of social rules and traditions that have developed traditionally. They suffer influence of traditional institutionalism, conventional Economics, and conventional Politics. However, they manage to break the resistance, and introduce their own mechanisms of creative destruction. After that innovations collide on the traditions and evolve with them. So waves of cyclical activity are evoked practically in every sphere of human life. We speak not only about economical lifts and social prosperity, but wars, revolutions, and other social catastrophes, as we never ignore general order and chaotic alterations.

In its studies, the Institute of Evolutionary Economics (IEE) presupposes that Man is the major system-creating factor for the innovational attractors, and Universal Natural Laws are the major evolutionary laws.

The main results of Institute of Evolutionary Economics (IEE) recent research activity are the following:

  • IEE has studied possibility for innovational development in national economics.
  • IEE has worked out the concept of national innovational system (NIS).
  • IEE scientists admit that society and economics suffer crisis cycles as well as prosperity cycles. They have designated prognostic methods and patterns for social and economic development at the circumstances of crisis.
  • IEE scientists believe that society develops cycle by cycle. The cycles have synchronized and fractal nature. The scientists have developed methodologies for evaluation of such processes.
  • IEE has elaborated principles of innovational policy for Ukrainian Government.
  • The institute has modeled a possible structure of national innovational system (NIS) in Ukraine.

IEE explorers have numerous publications and monographs. Some of them are available at the IEE site.

At present, IEE scientists actively cooperate with Higher Executive Power in Ukraine. They work at methods and tools for innovational economic policy and design innovational priorities.

IEE has about 190 small and medium projects, which concern financial consulting, project management, and innovational investment projects. The Institute also works on the series of large-scale projects (i.e. technological transfer).

The Institute explorers have designed and implemented several scholar programs into High School training. The programs concern:

  • National innovational systems.
  • Modern economical politics.
  • Macroeconomics.
  • Macroeconomic modeling and prognosis.
  • Theory of cycles and crises.
  • Anti-crises policy.
  • Psychoneutics.

They have also designed books and manuals for some of these courses.

The Institute of Evolutionary Economics (IEE) sees its major objectives in servicing the specialists, officials, businessmen and politics that are interested in innovational explorations. We will be pleased to cooperate with scientists and share our attainments. Finally, we would like to underline that creation of scholar programs in innovational management is one of the major trends of our work.

The Institute of Evolutionary Economics is a public non-profitable organization.
The Board
Igor P.MAKARENKO, Ph.D. in Economics, Institute director
Oleg G.BACHTIYAROV, board member of the Institute, general director of the University of Efficient Development.
Oleg A.GALENKO, board member of the Institute.
Research Staff
Ph.D. in Economics, Prof., Assistant Director of the Dobrov Research Center on History and Perspectives of Science at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Ph.D. in Economics, expert of the State Institute of International Security at the Council of National Security of Ukraine.
Ph.D. in Economics, senior member of the research department, Institute of Economic Forecasting at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Ph.D. in Economics, head of the department at the Dobrov Research Center on History and Perspectives of Science at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
head of the department at the Council of National Security of Ukraine.
Ph.D., faculty member at the Kiev State Economic University.
Brunko Vladimir Mihailovich the Chief of the Irpen branch of the Institute.
Priority areas
1. Scientific research:

- Economics – innovational processes and patterns, evolution of economic and techno-economic systems;

- Psychology – determining and overcoming the stereotypes in decision-making (Bachtiyarov O. G.).

2. 2. Promotion and dissemination of the recent obtained knowledge and information by development and introduction of innovation study programs and courses at the Ukrainian higher educational establishments.

Within the framework of the priority areas the Institute implements:
  • Scientific, analytical, educational and consultative activities in the spheres of macroeconomics, the economics of innovational processes, evolution of techno-economic systems and their impact on the social, economic and political development;
  • Promotion of newly invented tools of efficient policy in times of crisis;
  • Creating macroeconomic forecasts;
  • Assistance to molding of priorities in economic policy accomplished on the basis of innovational patterns and technological foresight;
  • Exploration of national economic security issues;
  • Rendering assistance to researchers and organizations in building scientific links, advertising and propagation of research results on innovations and evolutionary subjects;
  • Introduction of innovations and innovative technologies in economic and social spheres;
  • Informational, technical and methodological assistance to researchers, faculty members and other individuals dealing with innovative studies and evolutionary economics;
  • Assistance to the state and private entrepreneurial entities in molding their priorities of policy and strategy oriented on innovative patterns and development of innovation projects.
Virtual office
The virtual office was created on the initiative of the Institute members to facilitate the efforts of the research staff.

 Ukraine, Kyiv,