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Oleg Figovsky

Prof. Oleg L. Figovsky is the founder, Director R&D of International Nanotechnology Research Centre Polymate (see at:, where he is carrying now many research works in nanostructured corrosion resistant composite materials and protective coatings based on polymer and silicate matrix. In 1982 he elaborated the first nanostructured anticorrosion composite materials based LG-matrix, where nanoparticles are forming during technological process by hydrolysis of TFS. Last his elaborations are nanostructured nonisocyanate polyurethanes, nanocellulose and nanocomposites based on epoxy-rubber binders.

Novel nanotechnologies invented by prof. Figovsky were a base for establishing a few of industrial production in USA, Canada, China, Russia and Israel. He is also the President of IAI (Israel), member of EuropeanAcademy of Sciences, Foreign Members of two RussianAcademies of Sciences (REA & RAACS), the chairman of the UNESCO chair Green Chemistry. For few of his inventions in nanotechnologies he received gold and silver medals at the IENA-98 (Nurnberg, Germany).

From 1999 he is the editor-in-chief of the journal Scientific Israel Technological Advantages, from 2008 of the Open Corrosion Journal and from 2010 the journal "Innovation".

Director R&D of INRC Polymate (Israel), Green Coating, Inc. and Nanotech Industries, Inc. (USA);
Academician of European Academy of Sciences, RAASN and REA; President of Israel Association of Inventors;
Chairman of the UNESCO chair "Green Chemistry"; Honorary D.Sc. KSTU (KChTI);
Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Knowledges University chair Innovative Engineering;
Editor-in-Chief of Journals: SITA (Israel) and ICMS (USA); Order "Engineering Glory";
Distinguish professor of KSTU (KAI) and VGASU (Russia); Honorary Professor of WSGB (Poland);
Laureate of the Golden Angel Prize, NASA Nanotech BriefsNano 50 Award ;
Laureate of the 2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award (USA);
Expert of European Committee, Bashan program (Israel), and CitiBank (USA).
Post address: Polymate INRC, P.O.Box 73, Migdal HaEmeq, 23100, Israel.
Phone: (972)-4-8248-072, fax: (972)-4-8248-050, Web-site (new):