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Zhanna Balabaniuk


Postdoctoral student at the Institute of the State Employment Service of Ukraine, since 2017.

The field of research: Public management mechanisms of human capital mobility in the national security system of Ukraine.

Ph.D., Human Resources Management, International Personnel Academy, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, International Open University. Kyiv, 2012

Concentrations: efficiency of organization staff movement; innovations.

Dissertation: Improvements in Methodical Approaches when Evaluating the Effectiveness of Managerial Decisions on the Organization of Staff Movement.

M.A., Administrative Management, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv, 2006 (Graduated with distinction)

B.A., Economics and Personnel Management, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv, 2005 (Graduated with distinction)

Fields of Research and practical developments:

·       Design, modeling of economic systems and business models.

·       Current global trends in corporate management, human resource management in the corporate and public sectors.

·       Human capital mobility and human potential management.

·       Improvement of human resource management models in the concept of the blue economy.

Publications: The author of the book "Управленческие решения и движение персонала" (2014) (ISBN 978-3-659-53369-3), as well as more than 80 scientific and journalistic articles for Harvard Business Review Russia, КОНТРАКТЫ, Левый берег, Форбс Украина, Финансовый директор, КОМПЕТЕНЦИИ, ХВИЛЯ, WOMO, Delo.UA, AgroPortal, Украинская правда, MIND.UA, Strategic Business Review.

Specialization Sectors: Production, Distribution, FMCG, IT, Services, Internet Business, Info Business, Construction, Agrosector, Public Sector, NGO.