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Alexander Chernyak

Curriculum Vitae

 1. Name : Chernyak Oleksandr Ivanovych

2. Data of Birth:   September 16, 1958, Zaporozhye Region, Ukraine

3. Business Address:      

 Economic Cybernetics Department, Faculty of Economics,

Kyiv National Taras Schevchenko University, Vasilkivska str. 90a,

Kyiv, 03022, Ukraine.

Phone (Fax): (044) 2597043


4. Education : Graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University in 1980, post – graduate course of the Kyiv University, Applied Statistics Department from 1980- 1983. Received Candidate Degree in Statistics from Kyiv University in 1985. Received Doctor Degree in Economics from Kyiv University in 2005.


Retraining  (mobility visits) :

  • University of Amsterdam (Netherland) , Faculty of Economics and      Econometrics, Department of Economic Statistics. Chief  - Prof. Dr. Jan De Gooijer (1994).
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), Department Wiskunde.Chief-  Prof. Dr. J.L. Teugels  (1994).  
  •  Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich (Germany), Seminar of Econometrics and Statistics.Chief  - Prof.Dr.H.Schneeweiss (1996).
  • University of Helsinki (Finland), Department of Mathematics.Chief - Prof.Dr.Esko Valkeila (1998).
  • University of Umeå (Sweden), Department of Mathematical Statistics. Chief - Prof.Dr. Gunnar Kulldorff (1999).
  • University of Sunderland (Great Britain), School of Computing and Technology. Chief - Prof. Dr. A.Moscardini (2001).
  • University of Macedonia  (Thessaloniki, Greece). Chief- Prof. Dr.A.Katos        ( 2002).
  • Aristotle University(Thessaloniki, Greece). Chiefs- Prof. Dr.C.Batzios (2004).

5. Professional Career: Scientific researcher of the Probability-Statistical Methods Laboratory Kyiv University -1983-1986. Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics Department, Kyiv University 1986 -1990. Associate professor of Applied Statistics Department and Economic Cybernetics Department - 1990-1996. Head of Economic Cybernetic Department Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University from 1996. Professor from 2005.


6. Fields of Activity: Scientific and teaching activity. Scientific interests are primary in the field of the Statistics, Econometrics, Sampling Technique, Actuarial Mathematics.  Reading lectures - general courses  «Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics»,  «Operation research»  and special courses «Sampling Technique», «Actuarial Mathematics» for the students of the Faculty of Economics.    Author of 136 papers: 95 articles, 15 textbooks and 26 manuals. 95 наукових статей,13 підручників та навчальних посібників та 2 монографій, 26 навчально-методичних робіт.

7. Practical Experience:

  • Project “Forecasting of Balance of Payments of Ukraine” with National Bank of Ukraine.
  • Project “Methods of forecasting profits and loses of enterprises of Ukraine” with Ministry of Economics of Ukraine.
  • Local Co-ordinator 2 Tempus Tasis Joint European Projects:

                    T JEP 10353-97- Statistical Aspects of Economics

CD-JEP 21135-2000 – A New Economic Speciality for the Classical              Universities of Ukraine.

  • Member of  IASS (International Association of Survey Statisticians).
  • Local Co-ordinator in Ukraine  of ENBIS (European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics).


8. Selection Publications and Patents :       

1.     Anisimov V.V., Chernyak O.I. Mathematical Statistics. - Kyiv,  1995. - 105 p.      (in Ukrainian).

2.     Chernyak O.I., Stavytskyy A.V. Dynamic Econometrics. – Kyiv, 2000. - 120 p. .(in Ukrainian).

3.     Chernyak O. I., Obushna O.M., Stavytskyy A. V. Collection of Tasks in Theory of Probabilities and Mathematical Statistics. – Kyiv, 2000. – 199 p. (in Ukrainian).

4.      Chernyak O.I.  Survey Sampling . - Kyiv, 2001. – 248 p. (in Ukrainian).

5.     Chernyak O.I., Stavytskyy A.V., Rudenskyy R.A., Ivanov V.V. "Time Series" in "Applied Economics for masters", Vol. 2. – Donezk: 2004, P. 141-272.

6.     Heets V.M., Klebanova T.S., Chernyak O.I., Ivanov V.V., Dubrovina N.A., Stavytskyy A.V. Models and Methods of Social and Economic Forecasting. – Kharkiv: 2005, P. 396.

7.     Chernyak O.I., Fedorenko I.K., Chornous G.O., Karagodova O.O., Gorbunov О.V. Operation research  in Economics. -  Kyiv, 2006. (in Ukrainian).

8.     Chernyak O.I., Stavytskyy A.V., Chornous G.O. Economic Data Processing Systems. - Kyiv, 2006. (in Ukrainian).

9.     Anisimov V.V.,Chernyak O.I. Limit theorems for  certain rare functionals on Markov chains and Semi-Markov processes.//Theor.Probability and Math.Statist.-1983, N26.-p.1-6.

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