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Pugacheva Elena

Pugacheva Elena Gennadievna

Date of birth 16 September1962.


2000  Irkutsk State Economic Academy. Candidate of Science.
1984  Kiev State University. Specialist in mathematics. Lecturer.


2006- Kiev Economic Institute of Management. Associate professor of the Management of International Economic Activity Department.
2004-2006  Irkutsk State Railway Transport University. Associate professor of Humanitarian and Socio-Economic department.
2001- 2004  Baikal State University of Economics and Law. Associate professor of Sociology department.
1999-2001  Irkutsk State University. Senior lecturer at the Institute of Economics and Mathematics.
1989-1997  Irkutsk State Pedagogical University. Assistant of Mathematical Analysis department.
1986-1989  Kiev Academy of Sciences Institute of Cybernetics. Junior scientific researcher.
1984-1986  Kiev Academy of Sciences Institute of Cybernetics. Researcher.

Scientific interests

-  Socio-economic self-organization
-  Socio-economic simulation and forecasting
-  Synergetics


List of the most significant printed papers, devoted to the theme of investigation (three printed papers and four certificates of copyrights in the field of weak superconductivity are not included).
1. Drobisheva L, Pugacheva E. Education at the Edge of Chaos, Higher Education in Russia, 4, 2006.
2. Pugacheva E., Solovienko K. Towards Self-Organizing Economy, International Nonlinear Sciences Conference, March 10-12,  Heraklion, Greece 2006.
3. Pedagogical Potential of Universities: Tendencies to Change, Materials of round table, Sociological Research ,  5, 2005.
4. Pugacheva E., Solovienko.  Self-organization of Higher Education? No! Reforms, Alma Mater, 3, 2005.
5. Pugacheva E., Solovienko K. Self-Organization of Socio-Economic Systems, Irkutsk: BSUEL, 2003.
6. Pugacheva E. Searching the Way of Scientific Dialogue and Understanding. Interview with Prof. H.Haken, Higher Education in Russia, 4, 2003.
7. Pugacheva E. Sociological Comprehension of the Students, Higher Education in Russia, 2, 2003.
8. Pugacheva E. Coping with Chaos: The Experience of Russian Economy, International Nonlinear Sciences Conference, February 7-9, Vienna, Austria 2003.
9. Pugacheva E. Two Strategies of Higher Education: Strategy to Survive and Strategy to Develop, University Management: Analysis and Practice, 2, 2002.
10. Pugacheva E. Evolutionary Model of the Labour Market of Specialists in Russia Galileu. Revista de Economia e Direit, Lisbon, Portugal, 2001.
11. Vinokurov M, Tokarsky B.,Pugacheva E. Self-organization of the specialists labour market, Irkutsk: BSUEL, 2001.
12. Pugacheva E. Practical Works in Economics , Irkutsk: VSIEP, 2001.
13. Strategy of Poverty Overcoming, Standard Living Growth and Middle Class Formation (sociological research), collective monograph, Irkutsk: BSUEL, 2001.
14. Pugacheva E. Interdisciplinary Approach to Economic Education, Collection of papers Human Capital and Competition, Irkutsk State University, 2000.
15. Pugacheva E., Solovienko K.  Evolutionary Model of the Labor Market of Specialists, Alma mater 6. 2000.
16. Pugacheva E., Solovienko K. Some Problems of Higher Education Self-Organization Sociological Research ,  11, 1999.
17. Pugacheva E., Solovienko K. Openness and Self-Organization in Higher Education Reforms, Alma mater, 5, 1998.
18. Pugacheva E. Synergetic Approach to Higher Education, Higher Education in Russia, 2, 1998.

Participation in the work of international conferences abroad

International Nonlinear Sciences Conference, March 10-12, 2006, Heraklion, Greece.
International Nonlinear Sciences Conference, February 7-9, 2003, Vienna, Austria.
International Conference for Experts Emerging Patterns of Work, Lisbon, May 24-25.

Grants and fellowships

* 2006 Coordinator of the British project Bridge, aimed at partnerships between British and Russian universities.
* 2004 -Grant of the Central European University Evolutionary Economics.  As a result of this grant the program of lecture course Socio-Economic Self-Organization was developed. 
* 2001-2004 Grant of the National Fund of Personnel Training.  As a result of this grant the handbook Self-Organization of Socio-Economic Systems was published.
* 2000 TEMPUS-TASIS Project No. NP-22135-2001.