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Sergey Kornilov

3 Svoboda Ylitsa, kv. 56

Samara, Russia

tel: 7 (927) 6538 991,




January 2002 - May 2004 IT-manager in the grain firm Isida Ltd. (it sells corn).

May 2004 - Sept. 2004 junior broker in the investment company AVK Ltd. (financial consulting).

May 2006 - January 1, 2008 deputy chief of the SSAU out-of-class activities department.

June 2004 present responsible for Transfer of Technology in the Samara State Aerospace University science technology park Aviatechnokon (technology transfer, technology audit).

January 1, 2008 - present - director of the Liberal Arts Institute of the Samara Sate Aerospace University, vice-director of the Regional Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer (Samara).



September 1987 - June 1998 secondary school in Samara. The Award - a Gold Medal (the best 1998 school student).

September 1998 - March 2004 Samara State Aerospace University, faculty of economy and management, specialization MANAGEMENT (IT-management). The Award - The best 2004 student,

September 2004 - September 2007 Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU), Post graduation, PhD in Economy.

November 2007 - defense of a thesis (Ph. D in Economy) Method of the technologies portfolio formation at industrial enterprises (by example of Samara aircraft-airspace complex).


Professional Skills:

May 2002 - training course certificate Economy German (120 hours of training), certification as researcher-translator in German.

August 2002 training certificate Economy German (3 week of training) - Institut für Internationale Kommunikation in Zusammenarbeit mit der Heinrich Heine Universität - Grossen Düsseldorfer Sprachzertifikat Wirtschaftsdeutsch. Mittelstufe II (Gesamtnote gut+).

February, 2006 training course certificate Competitive tendering (150 hours of training) Center Competitive tendering, Technological University Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

March 2006 training course certificate Municipal finance (108 hours of training) the Russian Federation Government Financial Academy.

September 1, 2006 - June 9, 2007 occupational retraining Finance and borrowing (financial management) Presidential Program, International Market Institute, Samara, Russia.



Selected Publications:

1) The Taxation of Legal Persons, VI readings of Korolev S. P. - The collection of theses, 2001, Samara, SSAU.

2) Administrative technologies training process improvement on an illustration of imitating modeling, - the Collection of theses of The III students and post-graduate students scientific seminar of the SSAU economy and management faculty, 2002, Samara, SSAU.

3) The decision-making Imitating complex at a strategic level, Theses of reports of The XXIX Samara regional student's scientific conference, 2003, Samara, Samara State Economy University.

4) The coordinated mechanisms of economic interaction in research-production system on an illustration of an university technological park activity, materials of conference, Kazan, Kazan State Technical University, 2005.

5) University technological parks as a basis of innovative development of region, Theses of conference reports of The II International science conference Actual problems of modern social and economic development, Samara, International Market Institute, 2006.

6) Transfer and commercialization of technologies of an university, Theses of congress reports of Economic and legal aspects of intellectual property management as an innovative resource of enterprises, Togliatty, 2007.

7) Work out the mechanism of scientific products and innovations projects portfolio formation at university, Institute of problems of management of the Russian sciences academy, Moscow, 2007.

8) The complex mechanism of technologies portfolio formation at innovation relay centers, Journal Economy Sciences, co-author Dr. V. Bogatyroyw, # 10, 2007.

9) Development of the regional economics on basis of the technology transfer, Journal Business-Expo, Naberezhny Chelny, co-authors Dr. V. Filatov, Dr. G. Hasaev, 2008.

10) Work-book Organization of innovation business, co-author Dr. V. Filatov, Samara, 2008

11) Work-book Organization of small innovation free enterprises, co-author Dr. V. Filatov, Samara, 2008



September 2002 - July 2003 Sloan of Samara region governor - For transcendent merits in science activity.

June 2003 - February 2004 Sloan of Russian Federation President ( 3961 date 20.10.2003) For transcendent merits in science activity.

2008 Best trade-union chairman 2008


Social Activity:

June 2000 - September 2003 member of the Youth Nongovernment City Organization Coordinating Council (NGO Samara League of Intellectuals).

December 2000 - April 2004 chairman of the trade-union bureau of the SSAU economy and management faculty.

March 2003 - February 15, 2005 deputy chairman of the SSAU students trade-union.

April 12, 2003 - Feb. 15, 2005leader of Youth Initiatives Center.

June 2004 candidate in the Samara City Council.

February 15, 2005 - April 2008 chairman of the SSAU students trade-union, member of a tender procedure commission of the SSAU.


Fluent in Russian,

German writing, reading, speaking, fluent,

English reading, speaking, writing, intermediate level.